About Us

We’re the Eatchel’s!
Jeron & Melanie Eatchel
We are travel enthusiasts hailing from Northern Utah, U.S.A. After we met and fell in love 17 years ago, we have spent our time being parents to 2 amazing sons and travelling with and without them as much as our schedules will allow.





Building Memories

This all started in 2006. We booked an all-inclusive trip to Cabo San Lucas with our good friend Dave. We were excited, nervous and apprehensive…..we even went fake tanning so we didn’t get sunburned and ruin our trip. Needless to say, we were rookies. Mel had only been on a plane one time before this and it was 2 years prior when she went to Washington DC with her mom and sisters.

Once we landed in Mexico, the nerves left us and we completely gave in to the travel bug and let it overtake us. Since then, we have been to Mexico several times and we are in no way done with that country. We have also been to several other countries and can’t wait to explore as many countries as we can.

Now that our youngest son is almost grown, we are starting to think to the future and realize that it might be our time to live our lives and explore this great planet.

Granted, we don’t always agree on the method or location of our travels, but what is guaranteed is that we always have an amazing time and eatch of us comes away from our vacations with different experiences that we want to share with others. We go into eatch situation with different expectations and different results, but the most important thing is that we go into eatch situation together and come out together. Your way, my way…our way. To Eatch Their Own.

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