The bugs on the island are extremely dense and extremely aggressive! Since I have allergic reactions to almost every bug bite I have ever had, we research the bugs wherever we travel to. We studied up on Roatan and found that the brand most people recommended for this regions was Sawyer Bug Spray. They make a variety of products, some that are a combination sunblock and bug repellent, which was a life-saver, and some that are strictly repellent. We read several blogs that recommended that you spray your clothing and baggage before you go so that you have a level of protection at all times. (Since Roatan, we have done this anytime we travel to regions that are thick with bugs.) You can get it at most retailers, we always buy it on Amazon. It is a little pricey as far as insect repellent goes, but it is well worth the money. But all the bug spray in the world won’t save you if you forget to re-apply after you shower….which is what we did the first night on the island. Needless to say, we got chewed up. Even having our clothing pre-sprayed didn’t save us. So for the duration of the trip, our arms and legs were covered with the distinct bites that everyone that has been to Roatan can recognize. We don’t bring this up to deter travelers, only to inform. If you are aware of them and know how to prepare for them, the bugs will not ruin what promises to be an amazing trip.