The famous monkey forest in Ubud is fantastic and a must see! However, if you want a more surreal experience , we suggest Sangeh Monkey Forest. The monkeys have been subjected to a lot of humans throughout the years and can become very aggressive and steal anything not bolted to your body! The place suggested offers the monkeys at a closer, more hands-on approach with a temple that is one of the best we have seen in all of Bali. Any of the drivers will know where it is located and it’s only about a half hour drive from Ubud.

To all of our pork eaters we can’t suggest enough Babi Guling! Bourdain explains this to be some of the best pig he has ever eaten and we could not agree more. Although it’s offered in many places in Bali, we suggest the markets for lunch. For one, we love local markets and two, it’s a fraction of the price. It’s a suckling pig that is stuffed full of herbs and hand picket-roasted for hours while drizzled with coconut milk. If they do not give you a small sample of skin with your meal, we recommend you ask for it. It’s pork like nothing that you have ever encountered.

Visit one of the many Bali handcrafted wood villages. Not only do you get the experience of watching them make these incredible pieces of art, you can also purchase them directly, cutting out the middleman and saving some cash.

Waterfalls, everywhere! Visit as many as you can, for they all have their unique experiences. Some have some pretty strenuous hikes to get to them so make sure you do your research before you leave. Some of the most popular being GitGit, Niagara Munduk, Bueleng, Sekumpul, NungNung, Manyumala Twin, Aling-Aling, Tegenungan, Peguyangan, Blahmantung, Jembong, Yeh Mampeh and Carat, just to name a few.

Spend a few days just visiting the temples. They are beautiful and also have unique experiences in each one. In most cases, you will be required to have a sarong before entering. A sarong is a a garment consisting of a long piece of cloth worn wrapped around the body and tucked at the waist or under the armpits, traditionally worn in Southeast Asia. On that note we recommend visiting where they are made. Once again, you get to see them handmade and cut out the middle man for a great price a way better selection. They will also show you how to properly wear them, which is extremely helpful if you aren’t familiar with this particular garment. Some of the more popular temples to visit in Bali are Uluwatu, Tanah Lot, Besakih, Ulun Danu Beratan, Goa Gajah, Tirta Empul, Gunung Kawi, Taman Ayun, Lempuyang and Pura Taman Saraswati.