Ice boxes do not exist on the island, as far as we know. We looked, a lot. What we did come up for a solution to keeping your beverages cold is a large, insulated rice container. Same concept as a portable ice box, aka “cooler”, just with a round shape instead of rectangle shape. You can go to the meat department of the store you purchase it and ask them to fill it full of ice, in our case they filled it for free. We will warn you when you are loading the ice box with your favorite beverages, the locals will gather around and wonder what in the world you are doing… Despite all of the strange looks, the beverages seemed to last really well for the entire day.

Did we mention that it is hot? Whether your shopping in Ubud or partying in Kuta, some of the best ways to cool down are in the ATMs! Yes, you read that correctly. The ATMs are in small glass boxes large enough for two to four people with wonderful air conditioning. Yes it’s that hot. So when you need a quick cool down and maybe some cash we recommend them immensely. Most of the villas in the area come with small, wading pools. We highly recommend that being a priority when you book. After a day exploring Bali, there is nothing better than coming home and jumping straight into the pool to cool off.