We don’t have anything against cruises. In fact, as of this writing, we have never even been on a cruise. That being said, anybody that has traveled to an island or region that serves as a cruise ship stop knows that the atmosphere changes completely when the boats dock. We experienced this for the first time in Zihuatanejo, MX. Don’t get us wrong, the change in atmosphere is not necessarily a bad thing. As was the case in Roatan, the day before the ships came in we noticed crew after crew of workers on the side of all the roads picking up trash and perfecting the landscaping. This was not a bad thing at all, in fact it was quite lovely. The aspect we are not thrilled with is that the prices tend to go up a bit at the bars and restaurants near where the cruisers come in, and some beaches close completely to tourists that are not on the cruise. But there are plenty of other beaches on the island, each more beautiful than the next, so this is not something to deter you but rather just something to be aware of. And the cruise ships don’t stay docked at the island for long.