On Big Corn, you have a few more travel options than on Little Corn, where no automobiles are allowed.  You can either rent motorbikes, or you can get a cab, For C$20 per person, you can take a cab anywhere on the island, anytime.  You can also do cab sharing for C$20 per person. The buses are also C$10. On Little Corn, you only have two options, bicycle or by foot.  It is such a small island and no automobiles or motorbikes are allowed, but it is really no big deal to do the island on foot.

As for getting to Little Corn from Big Corn, the only option (obviously) is by sea. The most economical option is to take the twice daily panga. (At the time of writing, the panga is only travelling once per day, subject to change so be sure to do you research ahead of time.) The panga sails from Brigg Bay, so if you are planning on going straight to Little Corn from the Airport, make sure you tell your cab driver to take you directly to Brigg Bay. The panga costs C$180 per person, plus a C$3 harbor tax. Tickets are sold on a first come, first serve basis and are not available ahead of time, so it is important to be at the dock early – 2 hours is the recommendation. It typically takes between 30 to 40 minutes to travel the 8 miles from one island to the other. Yemaya, where we stayed,  offers their own boat to pick you up at Big Corn and transport you, but we opted for the cheaper panga option as the private boat is $50 USD per person.