Being from Utah, we have tons of experience with off-roading.  Whether it be in the mountains or the desert, we’ve done it all.  However, it has always been a dream of ours to take an outfit that was specifically built for off-road use, much in the fashion of the vehicles you see on African safaris. When we discovered Nomad America and were able to book our 110 Defender, it was like a dream come true,  and it was going to be ours for two weeks! Nomad America is based out of the capital city of San Jose, but they will deliver the trucks to you and pick them up at the airport in Liberia, for an added cost of course. They have several units that you can choose from, depending on the size of your group and what kind of adventure you want to have. We chose to camp the majority of the time, but there are also many people that just use them for the 4×4 capabilities and the occasional camping.  The vehicles come equipped with everything you might need; winches, coolers, rooftop tents, stoves, outdoor showers, cooking utensils, wifi, phone, camp chairs, tables and a sleeping bag. Since we do quite a bit of camping at home, we were all set to pack our sleeping bags. But then we read that the bags provided are new and when your adventure is over, Nomad America will donate them to the homeless. Win-win. This is one of the best companies we have dealt with in all of our adventures. We provided them a rough itinerary of the direction we wanted to head and few things we wanted to see and they gave us a full map and recommendations of where to camp and shared with me the best app for camping I have seen (iOverlander). We even had a situation where the Rover (Maria) was not too eager to drive us off of the ferry, but we were able to call the guys back at the shop and they talked us through it. Once we were off the ferry and on our way, they told us to pop into their shop in San Jose, luckily we were close, and they fixed the Rover and had us back on our way within the your. We cannot say enough wonderful things about this company.  If you want a truly amazing, unique Costa Rican 4×4 experience, there really is no better choice in our opinion.