This was one of the most exciting give backs we have done to date! Using the iOverlander app we decided to stay the night in the small town of Ostional. Not really settling on one specific camp spot when we arrived we were greeted by a small man named Gilbert who offered us a beautiful spot in his front yard right on the beach for 6000 colon. Gilbert is the founder of a conservation program for sea turtles and Ostional is probably one of the top spots in the world for turtle watching. He has made the entire town conscious about turtle conservation and it’s fantastic. We were not at the peak of turtle season, which is from August to November, but Gilbert showed us pictures of thousands of them on the beach during the season. He offered to take us out early in the morning to dig up baby turtles that had been left behind and could not dig themselves out naturally.  This was an incredible, once in a lifetime experience that is truly hard to put into words. There is nothing quite like knowing that in even the smallest way, you are contributing to the health and conservation of these tiny animals is an amazing feeling.