We fell in love with pictures of Yemaya when we were looking for a place to stay on Little Corn, but our hearts were broken because they were showing fully booked for the dates we wanted.  Jeron was unwilling to accept defeat, so he contacted Yemaya directly (Yemaya@Colibriboutiquehotels.com) for reservations) and we were able to book a bungalow for our entire time on Little Corn at a killer price not offered on the travel website we were planning on using to book our trip.  Since we went through the hotel directly, and since we had a few stops along the way (2 nights in Granada and 1 night on Big Corn) this trip was booked in “pieces”. Meaning we did not use a travel site to book a package hotel/airfare as we have done in the past.

After our adventurous ride on the panga to the island, we arrived on Little Corn. As we mentioned before, there are no automobiles on the island and the resort just happened to be on the complete opposite side of the island. Yes, it’s only 1 square mile large, and yes, we only had backpacks as opposed to luggage, but neither of us was all that enthused at the thought of carrying our bags to Yemaya.  Luckily for us, our luxury resort happened to come with all the luxury services you would expect. We were met at the panga by 2 resort employees and accompanied to the boat that would take us to the other side of the island, where Yemaya is located.

Once we arrived, we were greeted by staff members with refreshing cucumber water and cool towels and accompanied to our bungalow.  The first thing we were struck by was the view. Each room has a porch with views of the beautiful Carribean. When we visited, only a couple of the bungalows had private plunge pools, but since then they have added pools to more of the bungalows, totalling 5.  They offer a variety of different packages for each room style, some including just continental breakfast and some including 3 meals a day at the restaurant.

Right off our front porch was the beach, complete with colorful hammocks and knockout views.  We were also in the middle of the restaurant and the Driftwood Bar, with about equal distance to walk to each. There is also a Yoga deck located by the bar. They have kayaks and paddle boards on hand, or you can book a day on the Miskito Sailboat to snorkel or just enjoy a nice day on the water. We would spend our days exploring the island, but we would always end our day at the Driftwood Bar, chatting with the young locals on staff. Jeron took advantage of the Miskito to go snorkeling while I lounged on the beach and relaxed.  It is a luxury resort, so you can also get in room massages if that suits you.

All in all, we feel like we got the best of both worlds while staying at Yemaya. Because it is on a remote tropical island, we had the adventure factor that we both love, but we also had the luxury that after some pretty crazy travelling to get to the island was much needed.